P500 B Medical Pharmacy Upright Refrigerator 21 cuft

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  • Pharmacy Refrigerators for the safe storage of pharmaceuticals, medications or live virus vaccines
  • Temperatures between +4°C and +15°C
  • Multiple controls and warning safety features developed as a result of 35 years of expertise in refrigeration technology
    •  21.1 cu ft
    • 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
    • 502.7 Lbs


  • Power Input220-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Overall Dimensions(L x W x H) 40.7” x 33.5” x 78.3”
  • Weight502.7 Lbs
  • Capacity21.1 cu ft
  • Set Temperature Range+4°C to +15°C
  • Hold Over Time1 hr 18 (+5°C to +10°C)
  • Climate Class (ambient temperature range)SN / T (+10°C to +43°C)
  • Defrosting TechniqueNatural
  • WarrantyLifetime
  • B Medical Systems multi-function electronicsUniversal software for the monitoring of refrigeration devices, including the acquisition, recording and visualization of temperature data
  • B Medical Systems 7’’ full touchscreen displayFor easy access in door level, offers alarms, or the visualization of all operating and control functions, set point security, battery backup, full display, and more
  • B ConnectedUniversal software for the monitoring of refrigeration devices, including the acquisition, recording and visualization of temperature data
  • Ethernet interfaceFor the visualization of all operating and control functions (hardware and software settings) via °B Connected monitoring software on a peripheral device (computer)
  • Internal LED lightingFor easy access of products
  • Made of high quality steelFor better insulation, maintenance, and cleaning
  • Potential-free alarm contactIn case of system failure (change-over contact)
  • Integrated port for external sensorInstalled by customer
  • (4) Smooth castorsWith stabilizers
  • (2) wire shelves (3) ST-drawers with front coverFor storage
  • Automatic switch-off of the evaporator fansFor when the door is opened
  • Alarm history functionStores all the relevant values during a temperature alarm, such as: min., max., average temperature and alarm duration
  • Controlled fan cooling systemFor constant temperature and even temperature distribution
  • Self-Contained alarm system with integrated batteryTakes over alarm function and temperature call measurements in case of system failure for 48 hour
  • Remote transmission alarm signal (via potential-free-contact)In case of temperature alarm (charge-over contact)
  • Safety thermostatPrevents temperature dropping below +2 C
  • Designed and tested for climatic class SN/TAmbient temperature range +10°C to +43°C
  • Additional remote transmission alarm signal (via potential-free contact)In case of system failure (change-over contact)
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  • All functionalities are easily accessible:
  • Digital control with full functionalities
    • Standard multifunction digital sensitive 4.3’’ panel integrated at eye level in the door handle with full commands and connections
    • Or optional full 7’’ touchscreen with pre-installed connection allowing exclusive °B Connected monitoring functionalities
  • Open/close - Heavy duty door lock mechanism
  • High quality new coating, certified medical devices quality and antibacterial, on high quality steel for a better longevity and easy hygiene control
  • Excellent storage capacity and modularity - Large choice of shelvesand drawers offering modularity for every kind of needs
  • 5- layer PMMA organic glass offering highest insulation, combined with reduced weight reducing efforts to close door and constraints on hinges, offering better longevity
  • Storage Capacity(in litres):598
  • Storage Capacity(in cu ft.):21.1
  • Shipping Weight (in lbs.):502.65
  • Unit Measure Weight (in lbs.):502.7
  • Unit Measure Height (in inches.):78.3
  • Unit Measure Width (in inches.):33.5
  • Unit Measure Depth/Length (in inches.):40.7
  • Storage Capacity of 300ml of Blood Bags (# of bags):0

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