What is a portable refrigerator?

by Scott Sargent | November 21, 2018

Roemer Industries builds the only portable, medical-grade refrigerator and freezer on the market. The units have an on-board battery that powers the unit when not plugged into a wall. We began representing Roemer in the blood and vaccine market about three years ago and we have sold over 100 of these units to hospitals for blood and plasma transport and health departments/emergency preparedness groups for vaccine storage. Why do customers buy these units?

  • Durable, military-grade aluminum allows them to be rugged
  • Battery-powered for 48 hours to give assurance of temperature safe
  • Portable with the ability to easily roll to destinations
  • Medical-grade with an interior fan and constructed exactly like a regular refrigerator in the lab - just smaller
  • Customizable to really any shape or size the customer requests 

We sell these units all over the world because literally, nobody makes this type of refrigerator or freezer. Since most customers are not familiar with these products, the company is great about allowing you to demo the unit in your own setting prior to purchase so you know that the product will work as you expect. Contact BloodBankTech.com to learn more at 619-627-1169 or info@bloodbanktech.com


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