About BloodBankTech.com

We are a company dedicated to sourcing unique, high-quality products for the blood bankers of the United States. Our belief is that customers prefer to shop a little before they get specifics from a sales representative on a product. We provide a web-based experience to review product options and then reach out for more information. For many of our products, we offer the visitor the ability to print their own quotation for products they are interested in. This is different than all the other market participants in that we give you all the information up front to make a purchase decision.


Real people who can work with you on the phone to make sure you are getting what you need

Pricing Transparency - we don't price you and list then offer a discount, we offer your price right on the internet site

Quotation Generation - few companies provide you the ability to generate your own quote with an actual price

Honesty - we really don't want to do business with you if we don't have the right product to meet your needs

Nice People - if you hate working with nice people, then we are not the right company for you

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