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  • Mobile, Medical-Grade Refrigeration for Transportation and Storage of Blood (RBC) and Plasma
    • Refrigerated Payload Capacity (6-8) 300ml Bags
  • Transport and store, red blood cells and plasma to operating room, emergency room, ICU, and labor delivery room settings for needed mass transfusion protocols.
  • This HemoRoam5X is a medical-grade, carry refrigerator that has an on-board BBS12 battery included. This unit has a handle on top and can be carried.
  • BBS12 Battery INCLUDED for 8-12 hours of power
  • Digital microprocessor temperature controller with a built-in alarm
  • Temperature uniformity of +/- 0.5°C (at 4°C setpoint)
  • Water-tight, sealed and anodized, payload compartment
  • Durable Military-grade Aluminum (MIL-SPEC)
  • Ergonomic comfort sprung drop handle
  • Power - 110-240 volt AC, 12/24 volt DC or optional battery or optional solar power
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